Terms and Conditions
Secret Maps LLC accepts no liability for damages or inconveniences incurred by users as a result of any mistake or omission in the contents of www.secretmaps.net (henceforth referred to as “the Site”) and the Secret Maps app (henceforth referred to as “the App”).
Secret Maps LLC is not responsible for the contents of websites cited within its Site’s pages or the blogs linked to it, and accepts no liability should such sites cease or modify their activities. Should any sort of litigation, dispute or legal action either directly or indirectly arise from the contents of such sites, please note that any and all reference to other websites within the Secret Maps Site is purely informative and does not constitute a legal tie to the cited third-party website.
Both the Site’s and the App’s contents do not qualify as a legitimate, registered news source, as they are not updated with a regular schedule. They cannot therefore be considered an editorial product in accordance with law n. 62 of March 7, 2001. Some of the text passages and images used to compile the App’s info files were recovered from online content and are therefore to be considered public domain; should any concerns arise on the subject of authorship and copyright, please contact the developing team via e-mail and the content will be removed immediately. Some of the text abstracts reference myths and legends for the truthfulness of which Secret Maps LLC accepts no responsibility. Should the publication of such accounts cause damage or offense, please contact the company via e-mail and the content will be removed immediately. Furthermore, some of the images may be purely illustrative and not bear any real connection to the text file’s content. Secret Maps LLC accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by use of such images.
The Site’s and App’s contents are uploaded from databases owned by Secret Maps LLC and, unless otherwise specified, are published under a Creative Commons Attribution+ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license. Some of the contents may however be provided by users, and published through the Site or App following approval on the company’s part. Secret Maps LLC is not responsible for user-submitted content and accepts no liability in legal controversies directly or indirectly arising from such content, including legal matters pertaining to authorship and copyright. When submitting content for company approval, the user accepts all responsibility pertaining to the content itself. For any notification concerning the Site’s and App’s contents, please refer to the Site’s “Report an error” section.
All user-submitted content is evaluated by Secret Maps LLC, which reserves the unquestionable right to decide what will or will not be published through the Site or App, as well as the right to delete already-published content when deemed necessary.
User-submitted content must conform to the following standards:
a. Content must not contain libelous, mischaracterizing, contemptuous or derogatory language towards any person, product, service or business enterprise.
b. Content must not be sexually explicit, obscene or offensive, endorse hate or discrimination in any form, be violent or derogatory towards any ethnicity, race, gender, religion, or profession.
c. Content must not promote alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms or any other type of weapon nor usage of any of the above, nor any type of activity that may be deemed dangerous or politically sensitive.
d. Content must not contain trademarks, logos or commercial imagery owned by third parties, advertise or promote any brand or type of product, nor contain any form of personal identification such as license plate numbers, personal names, e-mail or home addresses without previously-obtained explicit permission, proof of which must be provided to Secret Maps LLC upon the user’s request to publish content.
e. Content must not contain copyrighted material owned by third parties (including photographs, sculptures, paintings and other works of art or images published via websites, television, films and other media) without previously-obtained explicit permission, proof of which must be provided to Secret Maps LLC upon the user’s request to publish content.
f. Content must not constitute a violation of any current law.

Furthermore, some content present in the App are added with API (Application programming interface), which is freely provided by other companies. Secret Maps LLC cannot be held responsible for such content, any damage that may arise to users as a result of possible errors and omissions, any controversy directly or indirectly related to them or for possible violations of copyrights and damages that may result thereof.

Finally, Secret Maps LLC is not responsible for the websites linked to in its info files, nor for the contents of said websites, which may change over time. Clickable links within the Site and App, redirecting to third-party social networking platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, et cetera) allow users to share information and are subjected to contract conditions and to user briefings concerning personal data processing on the part of third-party service providers.


Secret Maps LLC is committed to promoting the restaurants of restaurant owners who request this service through the appropriate form on the Site, through the use of their own channels.

The restaurateur (hereafter referred to as the “Customer”) acknowledges and agrees to be solely responsible for the content provided and the consequences regarding their online upload. The Company is not responsible for any consequences related to the aforementioned communicated by the Customer. The Customer acknowledges in having all the necessary licenses, rights, authorizations, premises requirements to allow the Company to use them in accordance with these Terms of Service.

The Customer is not permitted to provide content that contains illegal or copyrighted material from third parties unless the Client has a license granted by the legitimate owner who can legitimately provide it to the Company.

When the Company becomes aware of any violation of these Terms of Service, it reserves the right to decide whether or not to remove such content, without prior notice and in its sole discretion.

The promotion is carried out for a period of 12 months effective from the acceptance of the Conditions. The Company and the Customer have the same right of withdrawal, at any time during the validity of the service, upon notice to the other party. The service is free.

Privacy Policy

1) Privacy Rules

The following Privacy Rules describe the methods employed by the owner of Secret Maps LLC (henceforth referred to as “the Owner”) in the process of gathering, recording, preserving, elaborating and making use of personal data submitted by users of the www.secretmaps.net website (henceforth referred to as “the Site”) and the Secret Maps app (henceforth referred to as “the App”). Secret Maps LLC, through its legal representative, based in Corso Lodi 123 Milan Italy, operates as a Data Controller and can be contacted at info@secretmaps.net. These Rules are to be considered an official briefing on the subject of personal data treatment in accordance with the European Union Regulation No. 679/2016 (“GDPR”). These Rules only apply to the Secret Maps Site and to no other website which may be reachable via links hosted on the Site itself, for which the Owner is not responsible.

The Owner encourages Site and App users to read the following and contact him via the methods indicated below for any information and/or clarification.

By using the Site and App, the user acknowledges and accepts that Internet-based interactions are never entirely private and secure, and that the Site and App are not employing an advanced data cryptography system. The user acknowledges that any data or message sent to the Site and App – including personal data submitted by filling in the forms required to use the products and services offered by the Site and App – could be accessed or intercepted by third parties, even in the presence of explicit indication that a data exchange (such as the submission of credit card info) is protected by cryptography or other forms of online security.

The Owner makes users aware of the following items:

a) Data voluntarily provided by users/visitors.

Anagraphic data. The user may be required to provide anagraphic data (name, surname, e-mail address) when submitting comments, opinions, suggestions, notifications or commercial requests. Failure to provide such data shall result in the Site’s managers’ inability to comply with requests for information or documentation, or to provide the products and services for which the data is required.

Sensitive data. Should the user/visitor willingly disclose personal data of a sensitive nature (specifically, concerning their own health, religious beliefs, political opinions or participation in labor unions) the Site’s owners hereby declare that under no circumstances and for no reason shall such data be exploited.

b) The Owner shall acquire anagraphic data through the Site and App for the purpose of replying to comments, opinions, suggestions and notifications, and to the end of providing commercial services including, but not limited to:

  • selling advertising spaces and/or banners;
  • publishing paid promotional content for events.

c) Treatment of personal data is performed by the Owner and/or by appointed personnel with the aid of manual and/or digital instruments. The Owner has appointed a Person Responsible for the Protection of Personal Data (Date Protection Officer-DPO) that can be contacted for any information or requests at: info@secretmaps.net

d) In cases of strict necessity, and within the scope of previously-indicated purposes, the user’s personal data subjected to treatment on the Owner’s part may be relayed to (i) persons, companies, associations or professional practices from which the Owner receives assistance or counseling services in areas including but not limited to accountancy, legal and tributary matters, technical support; (ii) persons whose right of access to the data is stated by laws and regulations. The Owner imposes on Third Party suppliers and Data Processors the respect of security measures equal to those adopted towards interested users, restricting the perimeter of action of the Manager to the related treatment and requested service. The data is not subject to disclosure or communication by the Owner abroad.

e) Users provide personal data on an optional, voluntary basis. However, complete or partial failure to fill forms with the requested data shall result in the Owner’s inability to comply with requests for products and/or services.

f) The personal data provided by the interested parties, unless they express their will to be removed, will be kept, with respect to the legitimate purposes for which the data was collected. The data will be kept for a period of no more than 12 months, without prejudice for the fulfillment of the obligations (eg tax and accounting) that remain even after the termination of the contract (art.2220 c.c.); for these purposes the Data Controller will retain only the data necessary for the relative prosecution.

2) Internet activity data

The IT systems that allow the Site and App to function may, in the course of their normal activity, acquire some personal data the transmission of which is implicit in the use of Internet-based communication protocols. Such data shall not be associated with identified users, and shall instead only be used by the Owner for the purpose of gathering anonymous statistical data on Site and App usage, and to ascertain their correct functioning.

3) Cookies

Cookies are small text files sent by a Web server to a user’s computer while surfing the Internet. Cookies are largely employed to facilitate the personalization of online services, and to safely manage access to a website’s restricted sections. The information stored in cookies can only be anonymously accessed by the Web server itself. Cookies do not retain any personal data such as names, family names or e-mail addresses. No individual can be identified solely from cookie-gathered information, and their usage is broadly accepted. The user can nonetheless alter his or her browser’s configuration and disable cookies. In that case, some of the user’s options for access, usage and customization available on the Site and App may be limited, and some of the products and/or services provided by the Site and App may not function or display correctly.

4) User rights

The interested party has the right to obtain the following from the Data Controller:

a) Confirmation that their personal data is being processed and in this case, in order to obtain access to personal data and the following information:

  • The purposes of the processing;
  • The categories of personal data in question;
  • The recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be communicated;
  • When possible, the retention period of the personal data provided or, if not possible, the criteria used to determine this period;
  • The existence of the right of the data subject to request the Data Controller to rectify or delete personal data or limit the processing of personal data concerning him or to oppose their treatment;
  • The right to lodge a complaint with a control authority;
  • If the data is not collected from the interested party, all information available on the data origin;
  • The existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling and, at least in such cases, significant information on the logic used, as well as the importance and expected consequences of such processing for the data subject.

b) The right to obtain a copy of the personal data being processed, provided that this right does not affect the rights and freedoms of others. In case of further copies requested by the interested party, the Data Controller may charge a reasonable fee based on administrative costs;

c) The right to obtain the correction of inaccurate personal data from the Data Controller without unjustified delay;

d) The right to obtain the deletion of personal data from the Data Controller without unjustified delay, for reasons provided for by the GDPR in Article 17. among which, for example, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes of processing or if this is assumed to be illicit, while respecting the conditions provided for by law; and furthermore, if the treatment is not unjustified by another equally legitimate reason;

e) The right to obtain the limitation of processing from the Data Controller, in the cases provided for in Article 18 of the GDPR, for example where the interested party has contested its accuracy, for the period necessary for the Data Controller to verify its accuracy. The interested party must be informed, in reasonable time, also when the suspension period is completed or the cause of the limitation has ceased, and therefore the limitation has been revoked;

f) The right to obtain communication, from the Owner, regarding the recipients to whom the requests for any corrections, cancellations or limitations of the processing have been transmitted, unless this proves impossible or involves a disproportionate effort;

g) The right to receive, in a structured, commonly used and automatically readable form, personal data concerning themselves and the right to transmit such data to another data controller without impediments by the data controller who provided the data, in the cases provided for in Article 20 of the GDPR, and the right to obtain direct transmission of personal data from one controller to another, if technically feasible.

For further information and to send your request, contact the Data Controller at: info@secretmaps.net.

5) Complaints to the supervisory authority

Without prejudice to any action in administrative or judicial proceedings, the interested party may lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority in Italy (the Personal Data Protection Authority) or with the authority carrying out its duties and exercising its power in the Member State where the GDPR violation took place.

6) Contacts

To exercise the above-stated rights and for any further clarification concerning Privacy Rules, users can contact the Owner of Secret Maps LLC, with registered offices at Corso Lodi 123 – Milan (Italy), via the following e-mail address: info@secretmaps.net.