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Estense Gallery – The artistic heritage of the Dukes of Este

Founded in 1854 by Francesco V of Austria-Este and located inside the Palazzo dei Musei, the Galleria Estense comprises four halls and sixteen small exhibition rooms dedicated to the conspicuous artistic heritage accumulated by the Dukes of Este. Oriented towards an aristocratic collection of multiple interests, the Este collections include the rich picture gallery, which contains a large number of paintings from the 14th to 18th centuries, several marble and terracotta sculptures, a large group of applied art objects, as well as several collections of drawings, bronzes, majolica, medals, ivories and musical instruments. Among the most important works are "La Pietà" by Cima da Conegliano, the "Madonna col Bambino" by Correggio, the "Ritratto di Francesco I d'Este" by Velázquez and the "Crocefisso" by Guido Reni.

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