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The Galata Museo del Mare is the largest and most innovative maritime museum in the Mediterranean. The museum, which tells the story of six centuries of life at sea, boasts dozens of exhibition rooms, including one dedicated to Columbus, which houses the famous portrait attributed to Ghirlandaio and the Book of Privileges, two panoramic terraces, the reconstruction of a 17th-century Genoese galley on a 1:1 scale, a 19th-century brig, the deckhouse of an early 20th-century steamship, and an entire section dedicated to Italian migration to America and contemporary immigration. Not to be missed is the Sala Coeclerici, which houses the "Navigare nell'Arte" collection, a selection of paintings from the Paolo Clerici Foundation, and allows the public access to the terrace and roof garden on the fourth floor, from which there is a suggestive view of Genoa's historic centre.

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