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House of Bettino Craxi –

Italian politician Bettino Craxi lived in the attic at 5 Via Foppa for years. On the eighth floor, he rented 250 square metres covered with red carpeting, including an equally large terrace. There was a huge living room, full of Garibaldi memorabilia, as well as books, statuettes and an organ with pedal board, four bedrooms, a huge Jacuzzi, but no barriers, no police presence, no other visible symbol of the presence of a tenant with a decisive influence on the destiny of Italy and almost absolute influence on that of Milan. Politicians, and not just city politicians, referred mainly to the office in Piazza Duomo 19, where juntas, coalitions and boards of directors were decided. But the queue of people who went there every day to ask Craxi for an audience was practically interminable.

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