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Madonna de’ Tencitt –

At one end of Vicolo del Laghetto, there is a painting, almost 2 m high, representing the Holy Mary protecting three saints under her mantle: St. Carlo Borromeo (recognisable by his big nose), St. Sebastian (with his chest hit by arrows) and St. Rocco (depicted while a dog is licking his lesions caused by leprosy). The painting's name is "Madonna de' Tencitt", patroness of Milanese charcoal burners, and it was commissioned by a charcoal worker to an anonimous painter as a sign of gratitude for having saved all the charcoal burners from the plague of 1630. This artwork was later rediscovered and restored by a local lawyer in 1989, when he recovered from a serious car accident thanks to the intercession of the Virgin Mary.

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