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MEC Museum – Apple machines

MEC Museum, an acronym for "Meet - Eat - Connect", is a space in Palermo that is the result of the vision and will of Palermo architect and entrepreneur Giuseppe Forello, who inaugurated it on the piano nobile of the 16th-century Palazzo Castrone Santa Ninfa. The entire collection contains no less than 4,000 Apple computer machines, including the very first pieces ever made by the famous company founded in 1976 in Cupertino by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Among them is the Apple 1, the first and historic computer created by the US company. The piece is located in the room of the exhibition entitled Seed and Fruit, to which are added the thematic areas Innovation, Pirates, Apple Store, Prototypes, Pixar, Temple and Competition: here the stories of other icons such as Lisa, Next Cube and the Macintosh are told.

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