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Real Casa dei Matti – Watches

On the facade of the avant-garde psychiatric facility that was once the Real Casa dei Matti, there are two clocks, one visible and the other not, each with two phrases underneath, one for the wise and the other for the insane. The clock for fools is a sundial, the one for wise men is mechanical. Under the first one is written: "Mark the hour that still are the shadow of fools and fatigue". Under the second is written: "To you wise men the sound warns of the solitary hour that is no more". The meaning of these words is that time for the wise and the foolish is different: the former regulate themselves on the basis of "actual time" but it seems useless because, when the right hour strikes, it has already passed. The mad, on the other hand, follow a different time, which they are able to see through the passing of the shadow, from which they perceive the interpenetration between the human gaze and nature.

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