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Via Bava’s poltergeist –

The phenomena known as "Poltergeist" (German for "noisy spirit"), typically associated with moving objects, are often attributed to mischievous phantoms. In November of the year 1900, strange and unsettling things started happening at number 6 of via Bava, where stood the tavern owned by a Mr. Fumero: one morning the cellar was found in a state of utter chaos, its bottles smashed to pieces and its furniture in disarray. The owner, immediately thinking of thieves, spent the following night keeping careful watch over his shop. What he witnessed scared him half to death: at a certain hour the furniture started moving on its own, so violently and at length that the poor man had no choice but to run. For mysterious reasons, all supernatural incidents appeared to cease as soon as the shop's teenage busboy was fired.

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