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“Welcome” – The work of Peter Weismann

In front of the ceramic benches on the Foro Italico promenade, on one of the breakwater cubes, you can read one word: "Benveduto". Although few people remember it, this is all that remains of Peter Weismann's work. In August 2009, Weismann transformed the cube, adding a suitcase, a chair, shoes, a jacket and a hat facing the sea and painted entirely in white. The sculpture, which was intended to be a reflection on migrants, was entitled "Benveduto", a play on words between "welcome" and "well seen". For some time the installation remained there, the subject of photos by passers-by and tourists, then on 9 September it disappeared. Today all that remains is the title. "But it doesn't matter," said Peter, "art is made in the process, not the result".

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