Do you want to promote your book?

Do you want to promote your book?

If you are a writer and you would like to promote your work, then Secret Maps is the right app for you. Thanks to an audience of about 60 thousand users, we are able to advertise your work and make it known/appreciated by many readers, quickly and easily.
Everyone is able to cite their work, as long as they contain explicit references to geolocationable places. Each citation is composed of:
a) an image of the author or the book cover;
(b) text of the literary passage (not exceeding 800 characters, including spaces);
(c) the author, title and year of the first edition of the work.
The cost to publish the citation is 50 euros (plus VAT) per year. For more information:


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1. Upload your data

The first step is simple. Go to the “Profile” section in Secret Maps. Here you can simply insert your data and a photo of your certified tour guide licence. Once the procedure is complete, our operators will check the information and if they don’t find any errors or anomalies, you will see the words “Certified Guide” appear on your profile. At that point, you will be one of us!

2. Create an audio guide and unleash your creativity

The second step is to create your own audio guides, using the technology you’ll find on our app. You can create an audio guide on any subject: history, legends, art, ghosts and more. Making one is really simple. Go to the “My Tours” section and follow the procedure by entering all the required information. You can create an audio guide for just one site, or you can create an audio guide with many different stops. Our platform will allow you to record audio directly from your smartphone. Once complete, the audio guide will appear directly on our app!

3. Promote your work and earn money with us!

Have you created your audio guides? Have you created something curious, able to spark the curiosity of Secret Maps users? Then all you have to do is promote your work among friends, on social networks and wherever else you want. You can monitor your earnings at any time directly from your profile. Once you have exceeded 100 euros, all you have to do is issue an invoice in the name of Secret Maps s.r.l. and we will pay you by the 27th of the month. For any uncertainties, please read our Terms of Use.


Support Secret Maps!

Participate in crowdfunding and receive official giveaways. By supporting Secret Maps with a minimum contribution of 30€, you will receive one of the official T-shirts of your choice!

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Thousands of curiosities: short, accessible, and intriguing all at your fingertips

The deeds of the saints, romantic places and natural paradises, curiosities about the world of cinema, art and symbolism, the mysteries of the paranormal world, places of the most famous crimes, secret rooms, stories of famous people, historical facts and legends, literary curiosities, locations dedicated to hobbies and significant for sport, top restaurants and typical restaurants.

Discover the curiosities that surround you with Secret Maps.
The world will never seem the same again!

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Local specialities

Typical dishes and local productsWhat are the typical recipes of a place? And what are the local products? These are questions that often accompany those who visit a city or country for the first time and from which the third question usually arises: where can these specialities be tasted?Here you will find thousands of recipes and specialties, with preparation details, ingredients used, traditions and stories that lie behind them, and suggestions as to where you can try them!

Special days

There are days that just must absolutely be known. Such days include festivals, with their aromas and their flavours, days of religious events that brings life to the community with many sacred moments and days of legends and ancient traditions of those who come back to life.Discover these special days that just cannot be missed!


Find your next eventFashion, cinema, theater, music, concerts, exhibitions, design, culture, markets, fairs, sport events, inaugurations and much more…Just enter an address, select a genre, search for a date and you’re done!All the events in the area!

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