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Basilica di san Nicola

Basilica of Saint Nicholas – The three youngsters

The Basilica of Saint. Nicholas in the heart of the old city of Bari, is a building constructed between 1087 and 1197, one of the most significant examples of Apulian Romanesque architecture.

The basilica is pontifical, its entrustment to a particular religious order is that directly to the Holy See. In particular, since 1951 it has been entrusted to the Dominican Order, which still today carries out its service paying particular attention to ecumenical aspects.

The church is dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Myra, who has been resting inside it for centuries. He is one of the most venerated saints among Orthodox Christians, especially among the members of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Many legends have always circulated about Saint Nicholas.

One of the most famous tells of three young boys who, lost in the countryside, ran into a couple of delinquents, a husband and wife who ran an inn. The latter, running out of food to offer to the customers, took advantage of the innocence of the three and after having made them sleep, they cut them up, with the intention of serving their meat to customers. Saint Nicholas, warned by a premonition of what had happened, came to the inn and asked for fresh meat. The innkeepers immediately recognized the saint and, repenting, accompanied him to the kitchen, where the crime had been committed. At the command of St. Nicholas, the three children came out of the barrels in which they had been stowed, miraculously unharmed, and were immediately returned to their parents.
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