Virtual tours

Our company offers castles, museums, municipalities and historical places the opportunity to enhance themselves through virtual tours created by us and then made available on Secret Maps. Visitors are thus able to immerse themselves in the beauty and secrets of each place, letting themselves be enchanted by curiosities and legends, with an immediate benefit and return in terms of image for all structures.


How the service works

Creating a virtual tour of Secret Maps takes no more than a week and consists of three distinct steps:


1. Collection

Finding the curiosities and information of the place.


2. Building

Integration of information on our database through the creation of attractive content and ad hoc tabs.


3. Go-Live

The created tour is made available on the app.

Advantages and benefits

1. Expanding the range of services on offer with a state-of-the-art tour designed to arouse curiosity in visitors.

2. Savings on the technology component, as no audio equipment is needed and all service is delegated to Secret Maps.

3. Possibility of sponsoring the facility through sharing the tour material on Secret Maps’ social media, or through ad hoc pushing messages.