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Castello di Gropparello

Castle of Gropparello – The spectrum of Rosania Fulgosio

Today we take you to Piacenza, to discover one of the most famous haunted castles in Italy: the Gropparello Castle. It is a sumptuous complex of medieval origin that stands on a rocky spur overlooking the Vezzeno river.

Built in the Middle Ages in an elevated and protected position, like many other castles, it boasts a fascinating history linked to its many owners.

It was wanted by Charlemagne in 808, who saw in that point a strategic position of defense thanks to the stream.

Then, like many other castles in the area, it was the scene of clashes between Guelphs and Ghibellines. After having passed from hand to hand and having escaped numerous sieges, it passed to the Farnese family and, in 1869, to Count Ludovico Marazzani-Visconti. The count ordered some renovations and the current appearance of the building is due to the work of the architect Guidotti.

Legend has it that the castle is haunted by ghosts: the restless souls of the many soldiers who fell in the battles in defense of the castle. But not all of them are soldiers. A ghost seems to be that of Rosania Fulgosio, young wife of Pietrone da Calcagno, lord of the castle who left her alone when he left for the war. Left alone, Rosania found an old love. But unfortunately her husband returned, discovered the lovers and punished his wife in a cruel way: he built a little room without doors or windows, where he locked Rosania up until the end of her days. It is said that the poor unhappy bride can still be heard moaning and crying in the night, in search of the much desired peace and lost love.

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