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Grotte di Frasassi

Frasassi Caves – The Abyss Ancona

The Frasassi Caves, inside the Marche Apennines, are underground karst caves located in the territory of the town of Genga, in the province of Ancona. The complex is one of the most grandiose and fascinating underground routes in the world.

An uncontaminated environment, hidden and beautiful, made of suggestive spaces and rich of extraordinary concretions. A complete underground ecosystem, in which it is still possible to observe the formation of concretions, the drops that dig and build their own architecture and in which life has continued undisturbed for millions of years.
Cyclopean dimensions and transparent concretions similar to crystal arabesques that are reflected in fairy-tale lakes. This is, in short, the magic of the Frasassi Caves. Their overall length has been estimated at 30 km. The largest environment, the Abisso Ancona, has a volume of about 1,000,000 cubic meters, with a height of 240 meters. So vast that it could host inside, as the guides remember, even the Duomo of Milan.

Among the most famous stalactites and stalagmites we remember: the “Giants”, the “Camel” and the “Dromedary”, the “Ursa”, the “Madonnina”, the “Spada di Damocle” (the biggest stalactite, 7.40 m high and 150 cm in diameter). But there are also the “Little Niagara Falls”, the “Slice of Bacon” (light pink in color) and the “Slice of Lard” (completely white, due to calcite). Or the enormous 15-meter stalagmite that stands at the center of the Obelisk Hall.

The fantastic world of the Caves also fascinates with the spectacle of the Organ Pipes in the Canyon, with the magical scenery of the Candles that are reflected in a lake of very clear water. And then many, many Halls that are offered to the eye along the suggestive path.
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